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Take the following personality test prior to your pet's acupuncture appointment.  This is based on the Five Element Theory in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.  Each of these elements is associated with organs of the body. I will be asking some of the same questions during your pet's appointment and elaborating on this and other theories as we reach a TCVM diagnosis and develop a treatment plan.


Small Animal Personality Test

Wood Type
• "I'm in charge!!"
• Confident, Dominant
• Active, Energetic, Athletic
• Impatient
• Bites with little provocation
• Irritable, crabby 

Fire Type
• "It's all about me!!!"
• Friendly, loves to be petted or touched, wants to be the center of attention
• Excited, noisy, barks constantly
• Hyperexcitable
• Very sensitive, tends to not like needles
• Exaggerates ("Makes a mountain out of a mole hill.")

Earth Type
• "Let's all get along!" 
• Takes care of others
• Laid back, eager to please
• Easily satisfied, mellow
• Friendly
• Enjoys relaxing
• Moves slow

Metal Type
• "We have to follow the rules!"
• Organized, quiet, aloof (doesn't need anyone)
• Disciplined, Confident
• Follows owners commands
• Prepared for what happens next
• Clean haircoat

Water Type
• "I'm scared!!"
• Watches your every movement
• Not confident
• Nervous
• Hides or runs away
• Fear biter
• Urine leakage when approached